New Member Request
S.No Name of Member Mill
1 A-Tex Home Collection
2 A.PR. Agencies
3 A.R.S. Fabrics (P) Ltd
4 Aadhavan Spinners Private Limited
5 Aadhivinayaka Spinners
6 Aakavi Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
7 Aakavi Spinning Mills (P) Ltd (Unit IV)
8 Aathivelan Mills
9 Abbi Textiles
10 Abimithrra Spinning Mill (P) Ltd
11 ACE Tex
12 ACSEN TEX P LTD, Formerly(Rasi Tex (In) P Ltd)
13 ACV Products (P) Ltd (Spinning Division)
14 Adarsh Knitwear (P) Ltd
15 Adisankara Spinning Mills (P) Limited (Knitting Division)
16 Adisankara Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
17 Aditya Exports
18 Akruthi Apparrel
19 Akshara Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
20 Akshara Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd-Unit II
21 Aland Spinners (P) Ltd
22 Alpine Knits India Pvt Ltd – (Spinning Mill Division)
23 Amaravathi Dyeings (P) Ltd
24 Amaravathi Dyers
25 Amaravathi Textiles
28 Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd
29 Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd (Dyeing Division)
30 Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd, Unit – I
31 Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd, Unit – II
32 Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd, Unit – III
33 Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd, Unit – IV
34 Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd, Unit – V (Knitting Division)
36 Amrutham Spinknits
37 Amurtha Textiles
38 Anand Spinners
39 Anangoor Textile Mills (P) Ltd
40 Anangoor Textile Mills (P) Ltd Unit II
41 Angalakshmi Spinning Mill
42 Angammal Spinners
43 Anithaa Weaving Mill (P) Ltd
44 Annamalai Fabrix
45 Annamalaiar Mills (P) Ltd
46 Annamalaiar Spinners (P) Ltd
47 Annamalaiyar Spinners
48 Annamalaiyar Spinners Unit I
49 Annapoorani Textiles Private Limited,
50 Annur Sri Ambal Cotton Mills Pvt Ltd
51 Annur Sri Ambal Fabrics P Ltd
52 Anugraha Fashion Mill (P) Ltd
53 APK Traders - Unit I
54 APK Traders - Unit II
55 Armstrong Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
56 Arthanari Clothing Private Limited
57 Arthanari Loom Centre (Textile) Private Limited
58 Arthanari Loom Centre (Textile) Pvt Ltd
59 Arthi Textiles
60 Arumuga Fabrics (P) Ltd
61 Arumugam Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
62 Arun Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
63 Arun Surya Textiles
64 Arun Textiles
65 Arun Textiles (P) Ltd
66 Arunaagold Tex Corporate P Ltd
67 Arunachala Goundar Textile Mills (P) Ltd
68 Arunachala Goundar Textile Mills (P) Ltd Unit II
69 Arunachala Spinning Mills India (P) Ltd
70 Arunkkumar Spinning Mill (P) Ltd
71 Arupadai Arulmurugan Spinners (P) Ltd
72 Asian Fabricx Private Limited
73 Asian Fabricx Private Limited ( Dyeing Division)
74 Asian Fabricx Private Limited (Printing & Bleaching Division)
75 Atlas Export Enterprises
76 Atlas Processing Mills
77 Avaneetha Textiles (P) Ltd
78 Ave Maria Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
79 Ave Maria Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd - Unit II
81 Balasaraswathi Spinners
82 Balavigna Weaving Mills (P) Ltd.,
83 Balu Exports (Garment Industry)
84 Balu Exports (Unit-I) Garment Industry
85 Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd
86 Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd Unit II
87 Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd (Processing Division)
88 Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd (Weaving Division)
89 Best Cotton Mills Private Limited
90 Best Cotton Mills Private Limited Unit II
91 Best Lan Spintex Private Limited
92 Bhaarathi Spintex India Private Limited
93 Bhagavathi Spinners
94 Bharni Cotton Mills
95 Bharni Cotton Mills - Unit II
96 Bhuvaneswari Cotspin India (P) Ltd
97 Birin Spinning Mills Ltd
98 Birli Spinning Mill Private Limited
99 Bojaraj Textile Mills Ltd
100 Brindha Cotton Mills (P) Ltd “B” Unit
101 Brindha Cotton Mills Pvt Ltd,
102 BRT Spinner Private Limited
103 C R Garments
104 C.P.R. Textiles (P) Ltd
105 C.R. Textile Mills
106 C.V. Spinners (P) Ltd
107 Capra Textiles
108 Centwin Textile Mills (P) Ltd
109 Chakravarthy Fabric (P) Ltd (Weaving)
110 Chandra Textiles
111 Chenduran Cotspin Indian (P) Ltd
112 Chenniappa Yarn Spinners Private Limited
113 Cheran Spinner (P) Ltd
115 Cheran Weaves India Private Limited
116 Chiranjilal Spinners Private Limited Unit II
117 Chiranjilal Spinners Pvt Ltd
118 Chola Spinning Mills Private Limited
119 Chola Textiles (P) Ltd
120 CMB Spinning Mills
121 Coimbatore Kalpanaa Tex Mill Ltd
122 Compact Spinners (India) Private Limited
123 Cotton Blossom (India) Pvt Ltd
124 CP Cotton
125 D.B.V. Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
126 D.F.F. Textiles
127 Danabaagyam Spinners (P) Ltd
128 Dandayudapani Spinning Mills,
129 Deventhira Spinners Private Ltd
130 Dhanalakshmi Synthetics Pvt Ltd
131 Dharani Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
132 Dharanidara Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
133 Dharmarathina Textile (P) Ltd
134 Dhivakar Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
135 Dindigul Cotton Textile Mills (P) Ltd
136 Divya Spinning Mill (P) Ltd
137 Dixcy Textiles (P) Ltd
138 Dollar Industries Ltd (Process Division)
139 Dollar Industries Ltd (Spinning Division)
140 DSP Knitting Company Unit-1
141 Durai Spinners
142 Durga Cotton Mills
143 Eastman Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
144 Eastman Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
145 Elite Clothing Company
146 Elkaypee Spinners (P) Ltd
147 Ellen Textiles (P) Ltd
148 Ellen Textiles (P) Ltd Unit II
149 Enes Textile Mills
150 Enkay Textile
151 Erode Annai Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
152 Erode Spinning Mills
153 EssTee Exports
154 Eveready Spinning Mills (P) Ltd. Processing Division
155 Eveready Spinning Mills (P) Ltd., Unit I
156 Eveready Spinning Mills (P) Ltd., Unit II
157 Eveready Spinning Mills (P) Ltd., Unit III
158 Eveready Spinning Mills (P) Ltd., Unit IV
159 Everwin Textile Mills (P) Ltd
160 Excel Cotspin (India) Private Limited
161 Faish Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
162 Fashion Knits
163 Fathimuthu Amma Mills Ltd
164 First Garments MFG CO (I) Pvt Ltd
165 Freelook Fashions
166 Gate Garments
167 Geetha Krishna Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
168 GK Spinning Mills
169 Global Textile Alliance India (P) Ltd.,
170 GMB Textiles Mills India Limited
171 GMP Weaving Mills Private Limited
172 Golden Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
173 Gomathi Spinning Mills India (P) Ltd
174 Gomuki Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
175 GTN Enterprises Ltd
177 Guruvayurappan Textiles (P) Ltd
178 GUS Clothing Company
179 GVG Industries (P) Ltd
180 GVS Spinners (P) Ltd
181 Hariharan Spinners (I) Private Limited
182 Harikrishnaa Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
183 Harshni Textiles Ltd
184 Hindustan Cotton Spinning Mills
185 Hindustan Spinners
186 Hindustan Textiles
187 India Dyeing Mills (P) Ltd
188 Indian Stitches (P) Ltd
189 Integrated Weaving India (P) Ltd
190 Irulappa Mills India (P) Ltd
191 J.G. Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
192 J.P.P. Mills Private Ltd
193 Jagamalai Textiles
194 Jagannath Textile Company Ltd
195 Jai Jagadhambiga Textile Mills (P) Ltd., “ B” Unit,
196 Jai Jagadhambiga Textile Mills P. Ltd "A" Unit
197 Jai Sakthi Mills
198 Jai Sri Shanmugha Spinners (P) Ltd
199 Jambai KNM Textiles (P) Ltd
200 Janaa Industries
201 Janaki Cotton Mills (P) Limited
202 Jansons Industries Limited
203 Jasmine Towels Private Limited
204 Jay Jay Mills (India) Private Limited (Processing Division)
205 Jay Jay Mills (India) Pvt Ltd
206 Jaya Janani Textile mills
207 Jayalakshmi Spintex (India) Pvt Ltd
208 Jayalakshmi Textiles (P) Ltd
209 Jayashree Weaves (India) Pvt. Ltd
210 Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd., Unit I
211 Jayavarma Textiles (P) Ltd., Unit II
212 Jayavelu Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
213 Jeevan Spinners
214 Jeyam Spinners
215 Jheeva Rekhaa Textiles
216 JNC Textiles
217 JPP Mills Private Limited - Unit II
218 JVS Export
219 JVS Export
220 JVS Export
221 JVS Export
222 K C Mills (A Unit of Kaylee Corporation)
223 K P G Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
224 K.A.S. Industries India (P) Ltd.,
225 K.K.P Textiles Ltd., Viralimali Unit ,
226 K.K.P. Fabrics (P) Ltd
227 K.K.P. Hi Tech Weaving India (P) Ltd
228 K.K.P. Spinning Mills Ltd
229 K.K.P. Weaving and Processing Mills Ltd
230 K.M. Knitwear Private Limited
231 K.M.D.Clothing
232 K.N.M. Mills (P) Ltd
233 K.P.N. Textile Mills Private Limited
234 K.P.R Mill Limited
235 K.P.R. Mill Limited
236 K.P.R. Mill Limited
237 K.P.R. Mill Limited
238 K.P.R. Mill Limited
239 K.P.R. Mill Limited
240 K.P.R. Mill Limited
241 K.S.R. Textile Mills (P) Ltd.,
242 K.S.R. Textile Mills Pvt Ltd ‘B’ Unit,
243 K.T.Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
244 Kalpana Cotton Mill
245 Kamadhenu Spinning Mills
246 Kandagiri Spinning Mills Ltd
247 Kandhar Cotspin Private Limited
248 Kannappan Textile Mill (P) Ltd
249 Karikali Amman Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
250 Karur Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
251 Kaveri Yarns and Fabrics Limited
252 Kavitha Textiles
253 Kayaar Exports Private Limited
254 Kesharinandan Knit Fabrics (P) Ltd (Spinning Division)
255 KG Denim Limited
256 KG Fabriks Limited
257 KGR Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
258 KKP Textiles Private Limited
259 Kokilaa Textile India (P) Ltd
260 Kousthuba Spinners (P) Ltd
261 KP Cotton Mill
262 KPT Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
263 Krishna Poultry Farm (P) Ltd - Textile Division
264 Krishna Poultry Tex Mill (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
265 KSV Cotton Mills Private Limited
266 Kumaragiri Spinnerss (P) Ltd
267 Kumaran Gin and Pressing (P) Ltd (Spinning Division)
268 Kumaran Textiles
269 Kurinji Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
270 Kutti Spinners (P) Ltd.
271 L.K.Textiles (P) Ltd
272 L.S. Mills Limited “A” Unit
273 L.S. Mills Limited “B” Unit
274 Lakshmi Electrical Drives P Ltd
275 Lakshmivel Mills Private Limited
276 Lambodhara Textiles Ltd
277 Landmark Sizing
278 Leeds Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
279 Lucky Weavess India Private Limited
280 Lucky Yarn Tex India (P) Ltd
281 M.C. Spinners (P) Ltd.,
282 M.T.A. Mills (P) Ltd.,
283 M.T.A. Mills (P) Ltd., - Unit II
284 Madurai Meenakshi Textiles (P) Ltd
285 Magnum Spinning Millss India (P) Ltd
286 Mahavishnu Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
287 Mahesh Kumar Spinning Mills (P) Ltd,
288 Manchester Textile (P) Ltd
289 Mannan Cotton Spinning Mill Ltd
290 Manthragiri Textiles
291 Marathall Spinners
292 Maris Spinners Limited
293 Marshal Textiles Pvt Ltd
294 Martin Spinning Mills and Agencies (P) Ltd, Unit III
295 Matha Spinning Mills (P) Ltd Unit II
296 Meenakshi Textile Mills
297 Meera Textiles (P) Ltd
298 Mehala Mills
299 Mothi Spinner Ltd
300 Mothi Spinner Private Limited
301 Mothi Spinner Private Limited
302 Mothi Spinner Private Limited
303 Mothi Spinner Private Limited
304 Mountain Spinning Mills Ltd
305 Mrinal Spinning Mills
306 Murugan Textiles
307 Murugan Textiles Unit II
308 Murugavilas Textiles
309 Muthu Spinning Mills Private Limited
310 Muthur Murugan Mills Ltd
312 N.R.C. Spintex
313 N.R.U. Spinning Mills Ltd,
314 N.S.P. Knitting Mills (Spinning Division)
315 Nagammal Mills (P) Ltd
316 Nagappa & Nagappa Spintex (P) Ltd
317 Narasu's Spinning Mills
318 Natchi Apparel (P) Ltd
319 Natural Cotton Spinners (P) Ltd
320 Naveen Cotton Mill Private Limited
321 Nilachal Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
322 Nilgiri Textiles (P) Ltd
323 NKCM Spinners Private Ltd
324 No.1 Premium Yarns
325 Omega Zips
326 P.K. Laxmi Mill India (P) Ltd
327 P.M. Textiles India (P) Ltd
328 P.M.C. Textiles,
329 P.S.K. Textiles India Private Limited
330 P.V. Spinning Mill India (P) Ltd
331 Palani Andavar Cotspin Private Ltd
332 Palani Vijay Cottspin (P) Ltd
333 Pallava Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
334 Pallava Textile (P) Ltd Unit II
335 Pallava Textiles (P) Ltd,
336 Pallipalayam Spinners (P) Ltd
337 Palmar Mills Pvt Ltd
338 Palmar Mills Pvt Ltd - Branch Office
339 Pandian Textile Mills (P) Ltd
340 Parani Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
341 Pariyur Amman Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
342 Pavathal Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
343 Peekaypee Spinner
344 Perumal Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
345 Pioneer Processing India(A Division of Jansons Industries Limited)
346 PKPN Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
347 Poomer Spinning Mills
348 Poomex Clothing Company
349 Power Spinning Mills
350 Prabath Spinner India (P) Ltd
351 Prabhu Spinning Mills (P) Limited (Open End Division)
352 Prabhu Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
353 Prabhu Textiles
354 Prassana Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
355 Prassanna Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
356 Premier Enterprises
357 Premier Tex Products Pvt Ltd
358 Prima Products (P) Ltd
359 Prince Yarnn India Ltd
360 Prithivraj Spinning Mill Pvt Ltd
361 Prospun Textile India (P) Ltd
362 PSKM Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
363 Quality Knit Wears Private Limited
364 R.A. Mills Private Limited
365 R.B. Wovens (P) Ltd
366 R.K.Exports (Karur) Private Ltd
367 Raajco Spinners Private Limited
368 Raj Fabrics
369 Raja Spinners
370 Rajalakshmi Spinners (P) Ltd
371 Rajapalaiyam Textiles
372 Rajapalayam Mills Limited - Fabric Division
373 Rajapalayam Mills Ltd
374 Rajapalayam Mills Ltd -RML D Unit
375 Rajapalayam Mills Ltd – ‘C’ Unit
376 Rajapalayam Spintex
377 Rajapalayam Textile Limited
378 Rajapalayam Textile Ltd - 'B' Unit
379 Rajasekar Spintex Pvt Ltd
380 Rajashree Spintex (P) Ltd
381 Rajave Textiles (P) Ltd
382 Rajkamal Textiles
384 Ram Subbu Spinners (P) Ltd
385 Rama Spinners
386 Ramco Textile Mill
387 Ranga Weaves India (P) Ltd
388 Ranger Cotton Mills (India) Private Limited
389 Rathnaswami Spinners (P) Ltd
390 Rineile Micro Fabrics (P) Ltd
391 RM Spinning Mills
392 Roghit Spintex (India) Pvt. Ltd
393 Rohini Textile Industry (P) Ltd
394 Royal Classic Mills (P) Ltd
395 Royal Mills (Palani) P Ltd
396 RRD Tex
397 Ruckmaniammal Cotspin Private Limited,
398 S P Textile Mills LLP.,
399 S.A.Aanandan Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.
400 S.B.T. Apparels (P) Ltd
401 S.K.T.Textile Mills
402 S.M.P.Textile Mills (P) Ltd.,
403 S.N.N. Textiles (P) Ltd
404 S.P. Apparels Ltd
405 S.P. Apparels Ltd
406 S.P. Apparels Ltd
407 S.P. Apparels Ltd
408 S.P. Apparels Ltd
409 S.P. Apparels Ltd (Processing Division)
410 S.P. Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
411 S.P. Superfine Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd.,
412 S.P. Textile Processors (P) Ltd
413 S.S. Spinning Mills
414 SA Textiless Private Limited
416 Sabma Spintex Private Limited
417 Sachin Textiles
418 Sahana Textiles (A Division of Sahana Clothing Company Private Ltd)
419 Sai Jagannath Cotspin (P) Ltd
420 Sakthi Spintex (P) Ltd
421 Sakthi Vinayaga Spinning Mills Private Limited.,
422 Salona Cotspin Ltd
423 Salzer Spinners Ltd
424 Sambandam Shiva Textiles (P) Ltd
425 Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd
426 Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd., Unit 2
427 Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd., Unit 3
428 Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd., Unit III
429 Sampurna Shree Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd.,
430 Sandhya Spinning Mill Ltd
431 Sandhya Spinning Mill Ltd Unit II
432 Sankagiri Spintex Ltd
433 Santha Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
434 Santhi Processing Unit Pvt Ltd.,
436 Saranya Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
437 Sarashrey Industries and Traders (P) Ltd
438 Sarathy Export Fabrics
439 Saravana Spinners Limited - Unit 2
440 Saravana Spinning Mills
441 Saravana Textiles (P) Ltd
443 Sarmangal Synthetics Pvt Ltd
444 Sarmangal Synthetics Pvt Ltd.,
445 Sasianand Spinning Mills (India) Pvt. Ltd
446 Sathuragiri Softex India (P) Ltd
447 Saudagar Enterprise
448 SCM Spinners
449 SDM Cotspin India (P) Ltd
450 Selvaganapathy Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
451 Selvakumar Spinners (P) Ltd.,
452 SELVAM TRADERS (Textile Division)
453 Selvaraja Cotspin (P) Ltd
454 Selvi Spinning Mill
455 Sengunthar Mills (P) Ltd.,
456 Senthil Spinners (P) Ltd.,
457 Senthilkumar Textile Mills (P) Ltd
458 Senthilkumar Textile Mills Private Ltd-Unit II
459 Senthilnathan Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
460 Senthur Textiles (P) Ltd
461 Seyadu Spinning Mills
462 Shakthi Murugan Textiles
463 Shanmugapriya Textiles Private Limtied
464 Shanvi Cotton Mill
465 Shiny Knitwear
466 Shiva Bharathi Syyntex India (P) Ltd
467 Shiva Mills Ltd
468 Shiva Texyarn Limited
469 Shree Rajaganapathy Spinners
470 Shree S.M. Spinning Mill
471 Shree sakthivinayagar Weaves Private Limited
472 Shree Sanghvi Mills (P) Ltd
473 Shrenic Spinners Private Limited
475 Shri Cheran Synthetics India (P) Limited,
476 Shri Cheran Synthetics India (P) Limited, Unit II
477 Shri Dhanalakshmi Spinntex (P) Ltd
478 Shri Harikrishna Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
479 Shri Masaniyamman Thunai Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
480 Shri Muthuram Export (P) Ltd
481 Shri N.P.P. Textiles (P) Ltd
482 Shri Ramathal Spinners
483 Shri Rohith Spinners (Pvt) Ltd
484 Shri Saampavi Spinning Mills
485 Shri Santhosh Meenakshi Textiles Private Limited
486 Shri Saravana Spintex India (P) Ltd.,
487 Shri Siddhi Vinayaga Tex India (P) Ltd
488 Shri T.P. Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
489 Shri T.P. Textiles (P) Ltd
490 Shri T.P. Textiles (P) Ltd, Unit III
491 Shri Vasanthraj Textiles Private Limited
492 Shri Velmurugan Cotton Mills
493 Shrie Harivallabi Spinners Private Limited
494 Shrini Softex India Ltd
495 Shristi Cotspinn (P) Ltd
496 Siddhanatha Textiles (P) Ltd
497 Siiva Ganapathi Spinners (P) Ltd
498 Silver Spring Spinners India (P) Ltd
499 Sivalokanathar Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.,
500 Sivaraj Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
501 Sivarathish Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
502 SKL Exports
503 Sky Cotex India (P) Ltd
504 SMP Textiles Mills Private Limited
505 Somanur Kalpana Cotton (I) Pvt. Ltd
506 Sornalakshmi Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
507 South India Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
508 Southern Spinners & Processors Ltd
509 Space Textiles (P) Ltd
510 Speedline Spinners India (P) Ltd.,
511 Spictex Cotton Mills (P) Ltd.,
512 Sree Genga Mills (P) Ltd
513 Sree Gomathiamman Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
514 Sree Iswarya Textiles (P) Ltd
515 Sree Jagathguru Textiles Mills (P) Ltd Unit - II
516 Sree Jagathguru Textiles Mills (P) Ltd,
517 Sree Kailaii Spinners (P) Ltd
518 Sree Kiruthika Textiles
519 Sree Koppammal Cotton Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
520 Sree Rajasekar Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
521 Sree Santhosh Garments,
522 Sree Saravanabalaji Textiles (P) Ltd,
523 Sree Selvanayaki Textile Mill
524 Sree Vijayalakshmi Textiles
525 Sreedhara Textiles Pvt Limited
526 Sri Akilaa Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
527 Sri Akkamma Textiles
528 Sri Amman Sizing and Weaving Mills
529 Sri Amman Textiles
530 Sri Anuragavi Garments
531 Sri Baby Textiles Private Limited
532 Sri Balaganapathy Spinning Mills
533 Sri Balaganapathy Spinning Mills Unit II
534 Sri Balaganesan Spinners
535 Sri Balaji Textiles
536 Sri Balaji Textiles
537 Sri Balambika Textile Mills (P) Ltd
538 Sri Balamurugan Textile Processing Ltd
539 Sri Cheran Synthetics India (P) Ltd Unit-III
540 Sri Cheran Synthetics India Private Limited
541 Sri Cotton Mills
542 Sri Desikanathar Textiles Pvt Ltd
543 Sri Devi Spinning Mill
544 Sri Dhandayuthapani Spinners Private Limited
545 Sri Ganapathy Murugan Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
546 Sri Gangaa Parameswari Spinners
547 Sri Hariprasath Textiles Private Limited
548 Sri Jagannatha Spinners (P) Ltd
549 Sri Jagannatha Spinners Pvt Ltd
550 Sri Jaya Maaruthi Yarn Indiaa (P) Ltd
551 Sri Jayabalaji Spinners private limited
552 Sri Jayajothi & Company Private Limited
553 Sri Jayajothi & Company Private Limited, O.E. Division
554 Sri Jayajothi Textile Mills (P) Ltd
555 Sri Jayajothi Textile Mills Private Limited
556 Sri Jayavilas Subbaraj Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
557 Sri Kandha Spinners (P) Ltd.,
558 Sri Kannapiran Mills Ltd
559 Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Textiles
560 Sri Karpagam Mills India (P) Ltd
561 Sri Krishna Textile Mills
562 Sri Krishna Textiles
563 Sri Kuppanna Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
564 Sri Laksada Textiles
565 Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills O.E.Division
566 Sri Lakshmi Saraswathi Textiles (Arni) Ltd.,
567 Sri Lakshmi Saraswathi Textiles (Arni) Ltd., B Unit
568 Sri Manjulashmi Spinners
569 Sri Matha Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
570 Sri Muni Pachaiappan Textiles (P) Ltd
571 Sri Nachammai Cotton Mills Ltd
572 Sri Nallathal Spinning Mills Private Limited
573 Sri Pandarrinathan Textile Mills (P) Ltd Unit I
574 Sri Parameswari Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
575 Sri Parvathi Angalamman Mill (P) Ltd
576 Sri Periyanayaki Amman Spinning Mills
577 Sri Ponvinayaka Textile Mill
578 Sri Ramani Spinners Pvt Ltd
579 Sri Ramco Spinners
580 Sri Ratnalakshmi Spinning Mills P Ltd.,
581 Sri Rukmani Spinners
582 Sri Sampurnalaxmi Spinning Mills (P) Ltd ‘A’ Unit
583 Sri Sampurnalaxmi Spinning Mills (P) Ltd ‘B’ Unit
584 Sri Sangeetha Mills
585 Sri Sankari Yarns (P) Ltd
586 Sri Santhanalakshmi Spinners (P) Ltd
587 Sri Saradhambika Spintex (P) Ltd
588 Sri Saravana Mills Private Limited Unit of Color Jerseys
589 Sri Saravana Mills Private Limited,
590 Sri Saravana Mills Private Limited, (Unit of SSM Fine Yarns-Fabric Processing)
591 Sri Saravana Mills Private Limited, Spinning Unit I
593 Sri Selvabathi Mills Private Limited
594 Sri Selvakumar Mills (P) Ltd
595 Sri Selvam Textiles
596 Sri Shanmuga Spinners
597 Sri Shanmugaraja Textiles
598 Sri Shanmugavel Mills (P) Limited (Weaving Division)
599 Sri Shanmugavel Mills (P) Ltd.,
600 Sri Sivajothi Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
601 Sri Sowdeswari Mills (P) Ltd
602 Sri Subam Textiles
603 Sri Sundhareswara Mills
604 Sri Vaarri Spinning Mills
605 Sri Valli Spinning Mills
606 Sri Valliarasii Yarns (P) Ltd
607 Sri Vari Textiles
608 Sri Velayudhaswamy Spinning Mills (P) Limited-Unit II
609 Sri Velayudhaswamy Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
610 Sri Venkateshwara Spinning Mills India (P) Ltd
611 Sri Venkateswara Cotton Yarn Mills (Salem) Pvt. Ltd.,
612 Sri Venkateswara Spinning Mills
613 Sri Vignesh Yarns (P) Ltd.,
614 Sri Vinayakha Spinning Mills (P) Ltd,
615 Sri Vishnu Shankar Mill Ltd
616 Sri Vishnu Shankar Mill Ltd Unit II
617 Sri VNS Spinning Mills India (P) Ltd
618 SSPE Cotton Mills (P) Ltd
619 Stanfab Apparels Private Limited
620 Suba Bhalaji Spinning Mills India (P) Ltd
621 Subburaj Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
622 Sudarsanam Spinning Mills
623 Sudarsanam Spinning Mills, Unit II
624 Sudev Spinners Private Limited,
625 Sudhan Spinning Mills (P) Limited-Unit II
626 Sudhan Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
627 Sudhan Yarns
628 Sudharsan Exports
630 Sugavaneswara Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
631 Sunil Industries Ltd.,
632 Sunrise Knitting Mills (P) Ltd
633 Supertex Mills (India) Pvt Ltd
634 Suriya Spinning Mills
635 Suriya Spinning Mills
636 Suriya Spinning Mills Unit B
637 Suriyagiri Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
638 SVA Syntex (P) Ltd.,
639 SVPB Spinners (P) Ltd.,
640 Swami Palani Andavar Spinners (India) Private Limited
641 Swastik Spinners India (P) Ltd
642 Swift Merchandise
643 T T Ltd
644 Tailors Creation India (P) Ltd
645 Tamilnadu Jai Bharath Mill Ltd
646 Thamarai Spinning Mills
647 Thanga Pradap Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
648 Thangavelu Spinning Mills Limited
649 Thangavelu Textile Mills Pvt.Ltd
650 Thanjavur Spinning Mill Ltd.,
651 Tharunbalaji Spinners
652 The Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Ltd
653 The Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Ltd
654 The Tuticorin Spinning Mills Ltd
655 Theni Guru Krishna Textile Mills (P) Ltd
657 Thenpandian Textile India (P) Ltd
658 Thiagarajar Mills Ltd., Unit – I
659 Thigarajar Mills Ltd., Unit – III,
660 Thirukailayanathar Spinning Mills
661 Thirumathi Muthammal Textiles (P) Ltd
662 Thirumurugan Spinners
663 Three Sixty Textiles (P) Ltd
664 Tirupathi Yarntex Spinners (P) Ltd
665 Tirupur Vijayalakshmi Spinning Mills (I) Pvt Ltd
666 Top Light Textiles Private Limited
667 TRK Textile India Private Limited
668 TVR Weaving Mill
669 Uni Sourcce Treend India
670 V. Thangavel & Sons (P) Ltd.,
671 V.M.D. Mills Pvt. Ltd.,
672 V.P.S. Spinning Mills (P) Ltd,.
673 V.R. Textiles
674 Vashu Yarn Mills India Private Limtied
675 Vedagiri Hi Tech Spinning Mills Private Limited
676 Vedha Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
677 Vedha Spinning Mills (P) Ltd (Unit II)
678 Veebee Yarnntex (P) Ltd.,
679 Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Limited
680 Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Limited
681 Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Limited - Engg. Unit
682 Veejay Syntex (P) Ltd.,
683 Veejay Terry Products Ltd
684 Velan Spinning Mills India (P) Ltd
685 Velatal Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
686 Vellingiri Andavar Textiles (P) Ltd.,
687 Venkateswara Cotton Mills
688 Venus PP Varadaraju Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
689 Vetri Vinayakaa Spinners
690 Victory Spinning Mills Private Limited
691 Vigneshkumar Spinning Mills (P) Ltd.,
692 Vijai Spinners (RJPM) PVT LTD
693 Vijay Velavan Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
695 Viking Knitters
696 Vinayagar Spinning Mills
697 Vindhya Spinning Mills (P) Ltd
698 Vishakavel Textile Mills (P) Ltd
699 Vishnulakshmi Spinners
700 VKSM Cotton Mills Ltd.,
701 VP Tex Private Limited
703 VSM Weavess India Private Ltd
704 VSM Weavess India Pvt Ltd
705 VST Spintex (India) Pvt Ltd
706 VTM Ltd
707 Young Brand Apparel (P) Ltd